Smokable Hemp And Its Rapidly Growing Popularity

Smokable Hemp And Its Rapidly Growing Popularity

smokable hemp is becoming popular
smokable hemp for many different tastes

Who knew there would be a day, where we would be talking about hemp being legal in most states in the USA.

In 2018, congress made growing hemp, legal, and since then, smokable hemp flowers are growing tremendously in popularity.

After the rapid popularity of CBD oil, also known as Cannabidiol oil, hemp and its byproducts such as Hemp flowers and hemp prerolls are taking the recreational market by storm.

Smokable hemp, always a trend in Europe, is gaining hemp legalization advocates in the USA. Fighting intensely, to give hemp a different stature than its sister compound marijuana.

Now that hemp is legal, and reports are revealing that hemp farmers are in business, and not only are they profiting well, but are running out of stock sooner than they can imagine.

Hemp Fact

Hemp or Cannabis Sativa provided the many essentials for civilizations all around the world for thousands of years. It’s usability is unlike anything else.

So today, we are going to learn everything you need to know about hemp and more.

Table of contents:

  1. What is Hemp?
  2. What is smokable hemp?
  3. How has it become so rapidly popular?
  4. How is Hemp being consumed, and by whom?
  5. Benefits of smokable hemp.
  6. Laws of legality behind smokable hemp.
  7. Conclusion

What Is Hemp:

Hemp is basically a strain of the cannabis sativa plant, the same from which marijuana is extracted. Unlike marijuana, hemp contains high amounts of cannabidiol, minus the high quantities of TCH.

High amounts of TCH is what results in the high. This means Hemp can give you the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, but without the high.

What Is Smokable Hemp:

Smokable hemp is basically a new trend that is taking place throughout all of USA. It is basically rolling up dried hemp flowers, exactly like you would roll a normal joint and smoking it.

What’s new, you say? Well, this joint won’t give you a high that you would usually experience while having a marijuana joint, but it will give you far more components non-psychoactive components of cannabis. And research has lately proven Cannabis to be a very therapeutic drug.

How Has Smokable Hemp Usage Become So Popular?

As mentioned earlier, smokable hemp has been in use for the past 100 years in Europe. While here in America, there was no hemp use, but marijuana was being smoked as rapidly.

It’s safe to say that we had many hemp advocates, who jumped right in as the government removed Hemp from the federal list of controlled substances. And so did many farmers, who now have new business opportunities by growing this therapeutic flower.

The previous assumption that smoking hemp would give nothing but a headache has been proven wrong. And while it may not give you a high or anything beneficial, it does give you the relaxing satisfaction of smoking.

Hemp Fact

Ma, a Chinese name for hemp, predates written history and has been used to describe medical marijuana since at least 2700 BCE

How Is Hemp Being Consumed And By Whom?

Hemp is being used in several different ways. Not only can you buy dried hemp flowers, but hemp prerolls are also readily available in the market. They are basically ready to smoke joints that you can take out and smoke.

Smokable hemp is now being used by people who want to quit smoking. It gives them the satisfaction of smoking but doesn’t harm them like the usual cigarette.

People are also mixing hemp with marijuana, to tone done the effect of marijuana, and eventually ditching marijuana altogether.

Benefits Of Smokable Hemp:

While smoking has his obvious side effects, smokable hemp has a couple of benefits. First of all, the hemp itself is not harmful. The high cannabis amounts may in fact help manage diabetes, insomnia and work as a great stress reliever.

Secondly, hemp doesn’t give a high or the harmful effects that one gets from smoking, but it does provide the person the satisfaction of smoking.

To take this further, nicotine is being added to hemp prerolls and is being introduced in the market, to aid those who are looking to quit the habit of smoking.

Nicotine will keep their cravings for smoking at bay, while a high dose of cannabis will work as a stress reliever and help them strive through the process of quitting, with much ease.

Thirdly, smokable hemp has opened vast business opportunities for farmers, who need no extra equipment or land to make hemp. Hemp is one of the most rapid-growing plant and rather cheap too. The farmer requires no new equipment, but just space where they can dry the hemp flowers, which are then sold in the market as it is.

In a recent interview with one of the farmers from the hemp community, it was revealed that business started off as a blast and is going steady ever since. In fact they run out of hemp flowers way too quickly. Though pre-rolls are still available.

Despite doubling their produce, the farmers are still unable to meet the demand. There still is a lack of supply, and to fill that many farmers are readily investing in a new land for hemp farming.

Hemp Fact

Hemp seeds are one of the most nutritional seeds on the planet and provide just about every vitamin and mineral that our bodies need.

Laws Of Legality Behind Smokable Hemp:

To begin with, the government began a pilot program where some farmers grew hemp and CBD under the government’s supervision. Now at the end of last year, this pilot program was opened to all farmers, making growing and processing hemp legal in most states.

The federal government is giving states the opportunity to decide what’s best for them.

Most states are legalizing the use of smokable hemp. However, farmers are being cautious about one thing, and that is the levels of TCH in the hemp they are growing.

The legalized amount of TCH is 0.3%. Anything higher than that is categorized as marijuana and illegal.

Legality aside, hemp is proving itself to be troublesome for law enforcement, as with the naked eye one can’t possibly differentiate between marijuana and smokable hemp.

Law enforcement can’t quite differentiate whether one may be carrying legal hemp or illegal marijuana. This is one reason why a few states are reluctant in legalizing smokable hemp.

However, advances in technology are helping create devices in detecting the difference, which puts law enforcement at ease.


So to conclude, smokable hemp does sound like a useful product that, if used under the right conditions can be of tremendous help. It, however, is more of a recreational product unlike the CBD oil that is being vastly used for pain relief, inflammation, skincare, etc.

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